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When veterans get home they bring back important stories to tell, of adventures and pain, of fear and courage, of lessons learned. But often friends and family do not want to listen or are uncomfortable talking about war. So, if veterans are going to open up at all, they often seek out another veteran to talk with. Unfortunately, when veterans talk together of the war, attempts at sharing the grief and pain often slip into a "That ain't nothing" or "Top this one" exchange of war stories.

So finding relief or closure through telling one's story is difficult to achieve and the deeper truths remain untold; the deeper pains remain unprocessed. Eventually, many veterans lock up their authentic stories deep inside their "inner vault" and stop talking.

Does this describe your experience?

It's time for veterans stories to be heard. The Journey offers a safe place where veterans and civilians want to hear you, offering empathy for your painful journey and total support for your healing.

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The Stories

Some veterans return home and are unappreciated, so they hide their service from others. Many Vietnam veterans experienced this rejection and pain.

Other veterans, welcomed home as heroes, find it difficult to talk of moments of doubt, regrets or fears. Survivor’s guilt haunts many. For some, thoughts of “I didn’t do enough” or I could have done better” are too shameful to share.

There are many, many more stories that haven’t been told, for reasons too many to list.

Now there’s a place to tell your story, where you will not be judged, blamed or shamed. A place of unconditional regard for all of your emotions, from fellow veterans and compassionate civilians, men and women who care for your heart and your spirit.

Vets Journey Home offers you an opportunity to heal your heart from the emotional wounding experienced in military service.

It's finally time to come home--in a good way—and, all the way.

The Vets Journey Home invites you to find out that you are not alone. There are many who care about you, who are willing to walk point, be at your side, and cover your back, as you bring your heart to a peaceful place – home.

Appropriate Candidates

Combat veterans, peace-time veterans, in-country or mainland, any time or engagement. Any veteran, male or female, still feeling emotional pain connected to military service is welcomed to the Vets Journey Home.

Often when a vet comes home from war, people ask “how was it” when the vet begins to talk about the pain that sits on their hearts, it gets to be too much to share, So it gets stuffed down. This can lead to drinking, drugs, lack of intimacy.
Staffed by graduates of the program and civilians who are willing to listen to the stories and be present with them while they share the pain and the story. This listening allows the vet to experience unconditional regard and acceptance, making it safe to open up even the deepest story, knowing it will truly be heard and not judged.
It takes the large group of caring individuals to “hold” that deep pain – because of the group, healing can occur that often takes much longer in a one-on-one therapy relationship.

The result is a coming home to the heart, an emotional healing.
Many of the vets who attend VJH develop a deep bond with their fellow participants.


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Called To Serve?

Graduates of the Vets Journey Home can staff future weekends. 
Others who want to staff are screened for their background/experience.


We receive hundreds of testimonials from the men and women, in all branches of military service, who participate in Vets Journey Home; as well as from their family members.

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In Memoriam

Some of you never met Al, the man whose jacket often occupies a seat next to the instructor at each Vets Journey Home.

— Miguel Rath, VJH Instructor



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