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Testimonials from Vets who've
experienced the Vets Journey Home

We receive hundreds of testimonials from the men and women, in all branches of military service, who participate in Vets Journey Home; as well as from their family members. We offer, here, a small selection.

Co-creator of the Mankind Project
Vietnam Veteran
Marine Officer
US Army 14 yrs of service, WI
OIF Veteran
US Army 82 - 84, 90 - 91
Vietnam Veteran
US Army
Vietnam Veteran,
Madison WI
US Army 1977-79
Wife of Vietnam Veteran
Air Force
Vietnam Veteran
Vietnam Veteran
Women’s Air Force
Vietnam Veteran
2/27 Wolfhounds
25th Infantry Division1968
Navy 1966 -1972
Army 1973 -1987
Vietnam Veteran
Parents of a Veteran




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