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General Inquiries can be made by Clicking here.

Contact Penny Johns
Wisconsin State Coordinator




8989 N Port Washington Rd

Ste 227
Milwaukee, WI 53217


General Inquiries can be made by Clicking here.

Together with the many veterans and civilians
who generously volunteer as staff
for each Vets Journey Home weekend.



Phone: (414) 979-9113
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Called To Serve?

Graduates of the Vets Journey Home can staff future weekends. 
Others who want to staff are screened for their background/experience.


We receive hundreds of testimonials from the men and women, in all branches of military service, who participate in Vets Journey Home; as well as from their family members.

VJH In The News

Vets Journey Home has been in the news over the years and we've collected and saved this stories here.

In Memoriam

Some of you never met Al, the man whose jacket often occupies a seat next to the instructor at each Vets Journey Home.

— Miguel Rath, VJH Instructor



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8989 Port Washington Road Ste. 227
Milwaukee, WI 53217
(414) 979-9113

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