These Books are not only heart warming but a portion of all sales is donated to Vets Journey Home to continue the healing process of our veterans.

Veteran's Journey Home
Life after Afhanistan and Iraq

Author: Lori Holyfield

Veterans' Journeys Home is a vivid portrayal of military life and its aftermath for U.S. troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hearing the voices of those who have experienced combat and trauma, the reader journeys with women and men from basic training to active duty and return to civilian life. Highlighting the challenges our veterans face in today's complex and changing military culture, the book depicts the sometimes haunting and visceral memories of returning soldiers, reveals conversations with mental health providers, and offers an alternative approach to healing the emotional wounds of war. Sociologist and activist Holyfield lets the voices of combat tell the story of war. For any reader seeking a deeper understanding of the special human challenges of the recent wars, her book is valuable to veterans of all wars, their families, and mental health communities, policymakers, and any reader invested in seeing that our nation's veterans receive a true welcome home.

Prelude to Reveille: A Vietnam Awakening

Author: S.D Sawyer

Lt. Tom Barrington believed fighting in the Vietnam War might be the hardest thing he’d ever be called upon to do. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe coming home was. Prelude to Reveille: A Vietnam Awakening, S.D. Sawyer’s emotionally raw novel, mines the personal histories of returning soldiers like Tom. It presents a hard contrast between the repeatedly tested valor of these heroes and the chilling response to them from this once-proud country. Inspired by real-life experiences of the author and her husband during this turbulent era, the narrative begins in December, 1967, when newlyweds Tom and Meg Barrington reported to his first military station, The Old Guard, the Army's ceremonial unit, in Arlington, Virginia. A platoon leader, Tom performed honor burials for fallen soldiers, many killed in Vietnam, most his age or younger. Meg juggled her career as an enthusiastic new teacher with the unfamiliar regulations required of an Army wife. Within months, Tom received new orders— Ranger School, then deployment to Vietnam. Meg's role transformed into that of a Waiting Wife and a soon-to-be mother. Wounded half-way through his tour, Tom went from combat on a jungle trail in Vietnam to surgery in Japan, to enrollment at a small college back home. Anti-war demonstrations and protests cordoned off him and other veterans from even their peers. Soldiers' pride was quickly replaced with feelings of guilt, anger, and betrayal. Ignored by institutions and support networks that had offered care to returning veterans in past decades, these soldiers could never have prepared for a peacetime home front that would prove as perilous and haunting as the theater of war they had faced in Southeast Asia. Prelude to Reveille: A Vietnam Awakening possesses a sense of time and place that foreshadows issues still facing military families. Its tone and details make it resonate with those who lived during this era as well as future generations who will only learn of these conflicts from a history book.


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